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Antom - Our Inference AI Chip
Antom - Our Inference AI Chip

Application: Classification; Dataset: ImageNet

Compression Result: (i) MobileNetV2, MACs:~1/32, Size:~1/16 (ii) ResNet50, MACs: ~1/40, Size: ~1/32

Application: Detection; Dataset: WiderFace

Compression Result: (i) MobileNetV2, MACs:~1/40, Size:~1/32 (ii) VGG16, MACs:~1/50, Size:~1/48 (iii) ResNet50, MACs:~1/60, Size:~1/40

Application: Semantic Segmentation; Dataset: Cityscape

Compression Result: (i) MobileNetV2, MACs:~1/25, Size:~1/24 (ii) DeepLabsV3, MACs:~1/45, Size:~1/36

Application: Face Recognition; Dataset: MS-Celebrity-1M

Compression Result: (i) ResNet50, MACs:~1/42, Size:~1/24

Application: Pedestrian Re-identification; Dataset: Market1501

Compression Result: (i) ResNet50, MACs:~1/48, Size:~1/52

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Antom - Our Inference AI Chip
Antom - Our Inference AI Chip
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