Software System Engineer
Your Responsibilities:
1. In this role, you’ll architect and develop runtime libraries that bridge the host system with Moffett’s computing device. You will interact with ML framework engineers and firmware/hardware engineers to identify opportunities and requirements.
2. Collaborate with firmware engineers to develop drivers for Moffett’s PCIe acceleration card.
3. Collaborate with ML framework engineers to develop runtime libraries with multi-thread, multi-model and multi-device management.
4. Develop tests, test plans, and testing infrastructure to verify the correctness and effectiveness of the runtime library.
5. Increase portability, compatibility and ease of installation of Moffett’s runtime SDK in popular software ecosystems.
1. Bachelor/Master/PhD degree in Computer Science/Computer Engineering/Electrical Engineering or related fields.
2. 5+ years experience in C/C++ and system progromming.
3. 3+ years experience in (embedded) software system and low-level Linux Kernel software development.
4. Knowledge in Machine learning is a plus.
5. Experience in ML framework such as Tensorflow/PyTorch/MxNet is a plus.
6. Familiarity with Video Codec, DSP, PCIe, SoC Interconnect and NoC is a plus.
7. Strong communication skills, leadership, and work ethics.