Senior AI Chip Architect
Los Altos
Your Responsibilities:
1. Implement performance and functional model for AI accelerator architecture exploration and functional verification
2. Develop tests, test plans, and testing infrastructure to verify new algorithm and functionality and their performance
3. Integrate with popular machine learning frameworks and optimize for AI chip
4. Develop customized high-performance computation library on AI chip
5. Research the industry trend and customer requirement of the machine learning algorithms and accelerators and drive partnerships for access to the most advanced technologies
1. Master/PhD degree in CS/EE/Math or equivalent
2. 4+ years as a silicon or compute architect or micro-architect
3. 1+ year experience with ML architectures, acceleration and optimization
4. Experience with CPUs, GPUs, memory systems, and accelerators
5. Experience with performance simulation and modeling in C++/python
6. Strong background in computer architecture is a good plus
7. Familiarity with Video, DSP, PCIe, SoC Interconnect and NoC is a good plus
8. Experience on compiler and machine learning framework such as Tensorflow/MXNet/Pytorch is a good plus
9. Experiences on hardware and RTL implementation (Verilog/System Verilog) is a good plus
10. Strong communication skills