Machine Learning Engineer
Your Responsibilities:
1. In this role, you will deeply understand the specific needs in a field of ML application (e.g. classification, detection, segmentation, 3d reconstruction), and train/deploy ML models using toolchains developed by the company to achieve the best task precision and inference efficiency on Moffett’s computing platform
2. Reproduce the training pipeline of state-of-the-art models in each application.
3. Develop/utilize compression toolchains in existing ML platform (i.e. Tensorflow/PyTorch/MxNet) to compress, compile and deploy models and build model zoos for specific applications.
4. Explore the accuracy-efficiency trade-off of different models in specific application domains.
5. Communicate with engineers within/outside the company to facilitate successful deployment of Moffett’s solution in different applications.
6. Follow up on state-of-the-art researches in fields of ML applications.
1. Bachelor/Master/PhD degree or equivalent in Computer Science or related field.
2. 3+ years experience with ML programming frameworks such as Tensorflow/PyTorch/MxNet.
3. 5+ years experience in python or C/C++ programming.
4. Experience in multi-GPU and distributed ML model training is a plus.
5. Knowledge in numerical linear algebra and optimization is a plus.
6. Knowledge in computer architecture is a plus.
7. Strong communication skills, leadership, and work ethics.