Director of Machine Learning Framework
Your Responsibilities:
1. As the director of ML framework team, you will build, lead and manage a team of ML software engineers to develop the software toolchain and model zoos, and communicate with engineering team of our customers.
2. Understand different components of the software toolchain and develop software product roadmaps.
3. Design testing plans and testing infrastructure to verify the correctness and effectiveness of Moffett’s software toolchain.
4. Develop workflows on both software codebase and model zoos, including coding standards and peer reviews.
5. Identify hiring needs and make technical decisions.
6. Drive communication and relationship between team members, and provide feedbacks regarding both short-term execution and long-term career development.
7. Identify risks in product development schedule and work on mitigation plans.
8. Identify features that should be included into the current or next version of the software toolchain.
9. Communicate with engineering teams outside the company to drive collaboration and integration into ecosystems.
1. BS/Master/PhD degree in CS/EE/Math or equivalent
2. 7+ years of experience in software engineering.
3. 2+ years experience in ML framework development.
4. 2+ year experience in building and managing engineering teams.
5. 5+ experience in python and C/C++ programming.
6. Strong background in computer architecture is a plus.
7. Familiarity with ML compiler and AI acceleration stacks is a plus.
8. Familiarity with Video codec, DSP, PCIe, SoC Interconnect and NoC is a good plus
9. Strong communication skills, leadership, and work ethics.