Machine Learning Framework Engineer
Work location:
Shenzhen, Shanghai, or Silicon Valley.
Job description:
1. Develop inference engine that connects ML framework such as Tensorflow, Pytorch, or MxNet with customized platform (i.e. FPGA/ASIC).
2. Understand and utilize existing compiler frameworks (i.e. XLA, Glow, nGraph, TVM, MLIR etc.) to parse a computation graph.
3. Understand the characteristics of a customized hardware and develop backend that deploys computation loads to the processing units.
Required skills:
1. Bachelor’s / Master’s / PhD’s degree or equivalent in Computer Science, Engineering, or related field.
2. Fluency in C++/C programming language
3. Proficiency in numerical linear algebra.
4. Experience with software engineering.
5. Knowledge/Experience in compiler development or related works is a huge plus.